Video If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a video worth?

The companies listed on this page are innovating the production of online videos.

Video Production Companies

Epipheo: One of the largest explainer video production companies.

Demo Duck: Another well-known explainer video company.

Mekanism: Highly successful at making viral videos.

Helixes: A Tokyo-based video production team. Videos are produced under the Maxilla brand.

Tofu Media: A Tokyo-based video production team.

90 Seconds: Your cloud video creation platform. Representatives in Tokyo.

Robot 55: A Tokyo-based,  low price, high quality HD video producer. Prices starting at 70,000 JPY.

Fanatics Media: a Digital Marketing and Influencer engagement agency that blends influential people and the media with social campaigns to create high awareness and leads for our customers. 

Pridge: Video production and production coordination in Tokyo.

Video Igniter: An online video production service that helps you make custom animated videos, GIFs & motion graphics.

Video Production Platforms

Movidiam: A professional global network, marketplace & project management platform for the creative industries.

Viibar: A partner platform for video production and video marketing.

Automated & Stock Video Production

Animoto: Create fun and memorable slideshow videos in minutes.

Wibbitz: Produce video content from text in ten seconds.

Videoblocks: A subscription-based site that provides members with a discounted library of stock video, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds plus a membership library where members can download unlimited clips at no additional cost.

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